Gin-free G&T

Non-alcoholic cocktail recipe for 6-8 people, takes only 20 mins; recipe has cardamom pods, cucumber, chamomile teabag, mint leaves, lemon zest, clove, rosemary, tonic water, ice and pomegranate seeds.

Gin-free G&T

Gin-free G&T

Recipe by Chef Soomro Course: Non-alcoholic cocktail

6 - 8

Prep time

10 mins


  • Cucumber: 1/2 cucumber
  • Rosemary: 1/2 bunch rosemary
  • Lemon Zest: 1 strip lemon zest
  • Clove: 5 cloves
  • Mint Leaves: 1/2 bunch mint leaves, plus extra to garnish
  • Pomegranate Seeds: few pomegranate seeds, to garnish (optional)
  • Ice: ice
  • Cardamom Pods: 5 cardamom pods
  • Tonic Water: tonic water, to top up
  • Chamomile Teabag: 1 chamomile teabag


  1. Bruise the cardamom pods and slice the cucumber. Put them both in a large jug and add the chamomile teabag, mint leaves, lemon zest, cloves and rosemary. Top up with 500ml cold water. Leave to infuse in the fridge for 2-4 hrs. To serve, strain the infused water and pour 50ml of it into each glass. Top up with tonic water and lots of ice. Garnish each one with a few more mint leaves and pomegranate seeds, if you like.